Hollow Glass Solutions

We are currently the only Spanish engineering firm that specializes in the sector of hollow glass. We have a long experience of over twenty five years in the sector; a trajectory that has largely been boosted by our location in Llodio (Alava) where there are two major glass-manufacturing plants. The glass-making atmosphere in our surrounding area and its large-scale expansion into other regions has meant that, in turn, Avacon is in position to compete on the international stage, developing projects in different countries throughout the world, such as Brazil, Argentina, Moldova, Belgium and Italy, amongst others..


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The blown glass technique dates from 200 a.C, although there were previous techniques such as molding from 2.100 a.C.

Advanced Control with Glass Thinking
 Discover our  La visión tecnológica de control de la zona caliente de Avacon genera un aumento de la productividad de las plantas vidrieras.We present our  We Offer
Systems and Products
Avacon is a special breed of engineering firm, an engineering firm with products.

The combination of our company’s guidance capacity, thoroughly proven in successful projects, and the supply of a wide range of advanced products for the glass-making process, means that Avacon © can be introduced as an organisation with a clear projection in the world of engineering, backed by products and services that have received the market’s stamp of approval.