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Engineering services and products for Glass Industry.

Definition engineering with tested solutions in actual practice and in computerized tools of processes digital simulation

The engineering that fits your needs.

Innovative solutions in industry.

Specialized technical assistance.

Assistance and commissioning with specialists in electrical engineering area, systems, mechanical, etc.

Specialists in Hollow Glass

IS Machine Intelligent  Control.
Stand alone systems.

Wide range of advanced products for glass process.

Automation and Control

Technology advice, definition engineering of the production facilities, project implementation, commissioning, training and after-sales service. Capital goods and high performace systems. Safety certificate and CE Mark.

R & D & i Products Development

Technology consultancy in manufacturing processes. Specialist in prototyping and complete design at a mechanical and electric level.
R & D & I with clients, studies to improve machines and latest technologies updated applications.

Some of our projects:

Specialist in Hollow Glass

Advanced Control with Glass Mindset. Avacon is a different engineering company, it is an engineering company with products.


Solutions adapted to the client, looking towards the factories of the future, adding intelligence to the manufacturing systems.

R&D&i Developments

Processes and machinery innovation with latest generation tecnologies. Patent developments, re-engineering and technological  due diligence.

The engineering that fits your needs.

Solutions for Industry.

Since 1989, Avacon© has been devoted to the search for innovative solutions in industry, being our specialism the automation and industrial processes improvement. Highly successful engineering projects undertaken in such demanding sectors as glass manufacturing and metalworking have shaped our skilled team of experts.

Avacon© provides bespoke solutions by working with its customers on each detail.

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