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Engineering services



Supporting the evolution towards the factories of the future, SUSTAINABLES and INTELLIGENTS. Industrial intelligence at your fingertips.


We add intelligence to the manufacturing systems,integrating the technologies with the strategy, the people and the processes of each oraganization. 


Internet Of Things in industrial environments, improving the information and the data analysis through sensors and connected devices.

SMART FACTORY, Supporting the evolution towards the factories of the future, SUSTAINABLES and INTELLIGENTS. Industrial intelligence at your fingertips.

We add intelligence to the manufacturing:

  • Updating in latest technology
  • Production processes optimization
  • Control and Automation in real time
  • Energy savings in processes
  • Advanced manufacturing systems

Capacidades: servicio integral de nuestros departamentos.

  • National Instruments Alliance Partners
  • Labview certified programmers
  • Automaton programming (Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Schneider…)
  • Programming and Scada design (Labview, Siemens…)
  • Drive control and servos (Lenze, Siemens…)
  • Communication experts (Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, OPC UA, Ethernet…)
  • Developers and software integrators with Lenze
  • Programming in real time OS (CRio, LynxOS…)
  • Artificial Vision solutioons development through MVTec Halcon


  • Electrical engineering projects development
  • Planning, documentation and automation projects management (EPLAN Electric P8)
  • Tests and machine security check according to UNE-EN 60204 (METREL portable test equipment)
  • Supervision and electrical cabinets manufacturing, electrical boxes, etc, problem solving.
  • Machines operation manuals
  • Tests in own installations
  • Technical assistance and commisioning
  • Mechanical equipments design, constraction and installation. Selection of components, material specification, costs and implementation duration
  • Design and manufacturing jobs manegement, assembly and machinery maitenance, evaluation and processes optimization
  • Design and development of parts, sets or complete equipments through 3D modelling and 2D plans. (Solidworks, AutoCad)
  • Preparation of technical documentation and manuals..
  • Machines retrofitting, adaptation of new technologies to get various benefits:
  • Increase in productivity
  • Inactive periods reduction.
  • Occupational risks reduction
  • Simpler programm resources
  • Spare parts supply guarantee
  • Fast and safe return of investment
  • Electrical cabinets manufacturing and assembly
  • Complex electronics design and manufacturing
  • Equipments assembly area
  • development and in –house manufacture of industrial machinery control equipments.
  • Technical assistance and commisioning
  • Electrical and electronic commercial elements stock management



Engineering and Turnkey supply

  • Analysis of the market needs
  • Engineering of global/general definition
  • Supply and/or installation purchase management
  • Supervision, management and installation
  • Start-up assistance
  • Integral assistance services

Specialized technical assistance

  • Skilled staff
  • Support in downtimes and breakdowns
  • Own facilities to solve problems
  • Stock and spare parts management

Capital and systems goods

  • Prototyping and complete design at a mechanical and electric level. Integral design from machining to user Scada
  • Manufacturing or machine adjustment with safety certifícate and CE Mark
  • Equipments and precisión and high performance mechanisms
  • Electronic and mechanical architecture analysis: economical, efficient and safe through embedded systems and PCB technology, optimized mechanics by finite elements

R&D&i Technology consultancy

  • Accumulated experience in a variety of sectors
  • R&D&i projects development with our clients
  • Studies to improve machinery
  • Patent developments