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Professional Team

Our staff is made up of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Programmers, Mechanical Engineers, Computer Specialists, Electronic Officers, who work in the design and manufacture of custom solutions..

More than 1000 projects

Made in our 30 years of experience, in areas of activity such as the glass industry, metallurgy, electronics, wood sector, energy efficiency, water management, etc


3,200 m2 facilities

Integration and systems testing area. Electronics Laboratory. Software, Hardware and Mechanics development area. Engineering department. Operations Service. Commercial office. Warehouses. Administrative Office.

More than 30 years of activity in the improvement of processes and solutions in the industry.


Avacon was born as engineering firm driven by a local glass group to develop R+D+i. Our work in the hollow glass sector, due to its manufacturing conditions, confronts us with challenges where the need for a quick response time and high temperatures are great handicaps. We face, with good results, ambitious projects from the beginning, such as Electronic Timing and Drive. Nowadays we work for the industry in general and our technological solutions cover different sectors.

R & D + i department in constant product development and processes optimization.

Integration and Systems Area, prototyping and Testing Laboratory.

Technical Service: Programmers, Electrical-Electronic Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, etc.


Driven by the quest to find the finest solutions and automation procedures in glass manufacturing processes, Avacon first proved its worth in the field of engineering in this sector in the 1990s.


We are the means that turns your needs into reality, providing ideas and solutions that are unrivalled in industry. We provide a re-engineering service, reviewing the engineering designs that your company needs to overhaul.


We understand our value lies in our ongoing search for new, more efficient and better solutions in industry. We strive daily to ensure that this is our future, for we know it is also our customers’ future.

Innovative SME

At the beginning we look for engineering solutions, new technological developments, we implement improvements in production processes. Ultimately, we research, develop and innovate. Only, in its early 10 years, Avacon filed more than 20 patents worldwide, and today we continue to patent.

We have also obtained recognition from public institutions as a company that develops R & D + i through the development of inventions. Subsidized projects where the risk assumed is the most valued aspect.