About us

Driven by the quest to find the finest solutions and automation procedures in glass manufacturing processes. We are the means that turns your needs into reality, providing ideas and solutions that are unrivalled in industry.

Since 1989, Avacon© has been devoted to the search for innovative solutions in industry, with our specialism being process automation and improvement. Highly successful engineering projects undertaken in such demanding sectors as glass manufacturing and metalworking have shaped our skilled team of experts.
Avacon© provides bespoke solutions by working with its customers on each detail.


Avacon© has an R&D&i department staffed by technicians, engineers and physicists that is constantly investigating and developing new and improved technology systems. We focus these developments on improving the efficiency of the process and achieving a reduction of costs in production systems.


Glass Thinking

When Avacon© first focused its engineering work on the glass industry, it encountered a field in which to apply its ideas to a productive process, namely, glass manufacturing, with high development potential. High-technological and industrial level products and services are now our differentiating hallmarks. A track record spanning more than 25 years in the glass manufacturing market, with over 20 international patents awarded, and our operations in other parallel areas have combined to lend strength and character to a company committed to the continuous improvement of its products and services.


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