Avacon at Glasstec 18

Glasstec 2018, the International Glass Fair held in Dusseldorf from October 23 to 24, positions Avacon among the leading engineering companies dedicated to glass industry, responding to the current glassmaker demand.

One more time, Glasstec 2018 and, on this occasion celebrating its 25th anniversary, turns out to be one of the most interesting platforms in the glass industry, with more than 42,000 visitors and more than 120 countries in the pursuit of innovative solutions and good business relationships. Undoubtedly, a test of the global glass business current situation, in which Avacon contributes to its value and knowledge showing its most outstanding services and products, such as the ServoPusher, Gobscan and the Servo solutions. Avacon contributes to the glass industrial sector,  not only providing a personalized alternative to the client in order to address the changes and improvements in its productive system, but also offering stand alone innovative  products of high quality that fit the costumer´s needs.

Many visitors, interested in our possibilities, came to our booth during the four days of the fair, paving the way to new and, we hope, successful projects that, as always, are our hallmark. Our visitors arrived from the five continents, countries such as Australia, India, Korea, Mexico, Italy, USA, etc. We detected their interest in our way of working, always geared towards to the customer´s needs. We have been able to exchange and analyze the different situations of market and the difficulties the glass industry faces.

Our trade show presence , Glasstec 2018, has allowed us, ultimately, to demonstrate our ability to respond to new challenges in the glass industry.

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