The A.R.I.S (Avacon Retrofit IS machine) system.

The A.R.I.S (Avacon Retrofit IS machine) system encompasses the modular modernisation of any kind of IS machine. The addition of high production control systems and servo mechanisms assure a notable improvement in performance and maximum return on investment. Since these are all modular – or stand-alone – systems, one or more systems can be integrated into a machine.

Avacon systems are modular solutions integrated into the same supervisor.

  •     Allow for quick and intuitive production changes
  •     Sturdy designs with open architectures and moderately priced replacement parts
  •     Built-in intelligent configuration and diagnostic elements that improve productivity.

The prior analysis of the working process, extraction, machine size and status, oil and air consumption, production types and product change frequency will offer more finely adjusted systems for adding to a new, modernised A.R.I.S. machine.

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